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by Emerald City DAO

The single subscription pass which gives you access to premium features across the numerous products and services offered by Emerald City.

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Utilize products like FLOAT which has seen over 3.5m minted.



Access education resources & gain the web3 skills you need.



Join our vibrant & supportive comunity of more than 18,000.

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Emerald Pass subscribers enjoy exclusive benefits across all of our products & services - including upcoming paid education offerings

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Emerald Academy

Educational resources to teach you Cadence, the smart contract programming language for the Flow blockchain
  • Discounts on our premium paid education courses
  • Access to premium support channels
  • Access to an automatic resume builder & profile
FLOAT logo


The first and hugely popular Proof-of-Attendance Platform #onFlow - used for events of any kind!
  • Ability to create gamified challenges
  • Shared minting capability
  • Show a verified badge on your events
Touchstone logo


A no-code NFT launchpad which allows you to learn about NFTs, deploy your own smart contract, and host your own primary sales page!
  • Your own custom URL
  • 1-click catalog creation
  • Airdrop functionality
  • Download list of buyers (address + discord name)
Emerald Bot logo

Emerald Bot

A Discord bot that verifies NFT or any token holding on Flow and allows Discord community managers to award special Discord roles for doing so.
  • Setup a custom verifier for your Discord
  • Automatic role removal (in beta only for specific roles)
  • Export a list of user addresses + discord names who have a certain role


Here are answers to some commonly asked questions - feel free to reach out to us in the Emerald Pass channel in our Discord for more information.

What is Emerald City DAO?

Emerald City is the first DAO on the Flow blockchain. We provide the best education in the ecosystem for learning Cadence, the smart contract programming language of the Flow blockchain through our Emerald Academy. In addition, we build products like FLOAT and Emerald Bot, which are used in almost every project also building on the Flow blockchain.

Why do I need an Emerald Pass?

We provide a lot of our education & product features for free - and always will! But if you are a power user or your project needs more advanced capabilities, we offer Emerald Pass to give you the most advanced versions of everything we do!

What happens if I cancel my Pass or it expires?

If you decide to stop being an Emerald Pass subscriber, then you will still have access to all of the free benefits of our education & products, but you will lose access to the premium benefits.

If I have existing time remaining, and purchase more, what happens?

No problem! Any additional time purchased will simply be added onto your existing subscription period.

Will there be more premium features added to Emerald Pass?

Yes, absolutely! With every launch of a new product or service, there will be associated benefits for Emerald Pass holders. This makes holding the Pass not only beneficial right now, but for when we do special giveaways, beta tests, and introduce new features on other projects.

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